(Mini Series: Part 1) Colorful Colloquialism

This blog series has been inspired by the very real fact that I cannot get colloquialisms right. I really mean it. I am terrible. Terrible in a hilarious way. Mostly because I usually realize I am combining several colloquialisms or just very simply butchering one while in the middle of saying it.

After giving my husband a few too many laughs, I decided it was time to not only share the new colloquialisms that I have created but to also look into the history of some of the common phrases we use. I hope you enjoy this as much as my husband does.

First up for this series is a recent experience I had.

My Version: “Swimming with the fish”

Meaning: As in, hanging out in the water, swimming in a pool or lake, taking a bath, etc.

Real Version: “Sleeping with the fish”

Meaning: If you are in the mob this means you are dead and your body is in the water. Yikes!

History: This phrase was famously featured in the Godfather, Part 1. It means that someone has died and their body was dumped in the water. This typical mob phrase is most common in mob movies/games. Regardless, it is likely not something you want to confuse in conversation! I would have looked up more history but was concerned about my search history…so you can look this one up on your own.



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